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Elements for Autumn Wedding

When it comes to autumn, the first color that many people think of is gold, golden harvest fruits, golden falling leaves, golden sparkling lake. So, have you ever thought about holding a golden wedding in autumn?  Golden Fruit Bridal Bouquet Harvesting Happiness Golden maple leaves are used as the torus, together various autumn fruits create a rich bouquet, which is accompanied by golden apples. The fruitful harvest season also means that the bride has harvested her best happiness.Clever Use of Autumn Elements -  Maple Leaves Ring Pillow You can make full use of the popular elements in autumn to add points to your wedding. The ubiquitous golden maple leaves are the best material. Use it to replace the ring pillow and let the luster...

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Fall Wedding Phototaking Ideas

Guide to Fall Wedding PhotoTaking There are many scenery to choose from in Autumn season, it all depends on your preference. If you take it in the start of fall, then you may choose forest with thick green elements. You can also go for romantic seaside scene or colorful flower sea. If  you opt for end of autumn, you will have the options of fallen leaves scene, golden paddy field and fire red maple leaves scene for your phototaking. These places are full of outstanding autumn elements which gives you extraoriginary photo effect. Things to Pay Attention to 1. Pay attention to warmth keeping especially during the end of autumn. When necessary, do wear some inner clothing or body heat pad...

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How to match autumn wedding colors more conspicuously?

Autumn has arrived quietly and many people choose to host their weddings in this autumn season! Each season has its own colors. The colors of autumn are very suitable to be integrated into wedding arrangements and floral arrangements.  Bright Yellow Bright yellow is a lively and bright color, it is the color of autumn in people's impression, and it always gives a feeling of youthful vitality. If you choose bright yellow as the main color of the wedding, it will definitely bring unexpected surprises to the wedding in autumn. In the bright yellow wedding ceremony, it is decorated with yellow gerbera and tulips. The bride can also decorate herself with small bright yellow objects, such as bright yellow earrings and ribbons....

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How to Have an Outstanding Autumn Wedding

Worrying about how to decorate your autumn wedding? It’s not that difficult, there are enough autumn elements for you to use. Some decorative elements with seasonal characteristics can easily add color to your wedding and leave guests with unique memory~ Theme Colour When it comes to autumn, the first colour that appears in the head should be yellow. However, it is also worth mentioning that the theme colors can be orangeand brown.Fashionable brides may wish to pay attention to the terracotta color that will be the most popular this year. Not only does it look particularly autumn, it also gives people a sense of happiness. Paired with other colors, there is a wonderful sense of contrast and it does not feel abrupt at all....

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