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Fall Wedding Phototaking Ideas

Guide to Fall Wedding PhotoTaking

There are many scenery to choose from in Autumn season, it all depends on your preference. If you take it in the start of fall, then you may choose forest with thick green elements. You can also go for romantic seaside scene or colorful flower sea.

If  you opt for end of autumn, you will have the options of fallen leaves scene, golden paddy field and fire red maple leaves scene for your phototaking. These places are full of outstanding autumn elements which gives you extraoriginary photo effect.

Things to Pay Attention to

1. Pay attention to warmth keeping especially during the end of autumn. When necessary, do wear some inner clothing or body heat pad to avoid catching cold.

2. The sea water during autumn season is pretty cold, if you are taking seaside wedding photo, do take note not to stay in the water for too long.

3. Autumn season is generally quite dry, do make sure you get all your hydration prepartion done especially before you apply your cosmetic.

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