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How to Have an Outstanding Autumn Wedding

Worrying about how to decorate your autumn wedding? It’s not that difficult, there are enough autumn elements for you to use. Some decorative elements with seasonal characteristics can easily add color to your wedding and leave guests with unique memory~

Theme Colour

When it comes to autumn, the first colour that appears in the head should be yellow. However, it is also worth mentioning that the theme colors can be orangeand brown.

Fashionable brides may wish to pay attention to the terracotta color that will be the most popular this year. Not only does it look particularly autumn, it also gives people a sense of happiness. Paired with other colors, there is a wonderful sense of contrast and it does not feel abrupt at all.

Wedding Decorations

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables can be regarded as regular "customers" at weddings, with exclusive colors in different seasons. Fruits and vegetables scattered on the dining table and the ceremonial area are particularly attractive, adding a sense of vitality to the wedding, and it is the most appropriate interpretation of the "harvest season" in autumn.

The autumn ripe pomegranate has many particles and are colourful which is full of vitality as a wedding element. The usually unremarkable pumpkin is arranged at the roadside, which looks particularly eye-catching and cute, and the atmosphere becomes lively at once.


Wheat has long been popuar in home decoration. It can shine as wedding decoration. As an accessory for tableware, there is a kind of country style. It is definitely the champion of low cost yet high quality!

Pampas Grass

Compared to the firmness of wheat, the light pampas grass is more gentle and casual, and can always inadvertently move the small softness in your heart. It's the No.1 appearance rate in the autumn wedding. There are about 100 ways to integrate it into your wedding.

Maple Leaf

With so many leaves in autumn, if the local materials are used, immediately there is a wild natural sense. However, maple Leaf also has a drawback, that is, the shape is too large, and the focus is completely shifted if you are not careful.

Wood Log

Simple and natural logs, and pampas grass are the best combinations. It provides a lot of inspiration for brides who don't know how to set up dessert table and check-in area, full of natural feeling and beauty.
In addition to common wooden stakes, round barrels, and benches as decorations, logs can also be applied to signs. Simple roughness can create a warm atmosphere.


Girls who want to take a delicate route can try working on the details. The pine cones can be seen everywhere in the forest. After some DIY, you can easily create a fruitful feeling, on top of that, you can take it home for decoration after the wedding~


Floral art is the highlight of the wedding, and it can be too monotonous without a breakthrough. The bright colors will make spark liveliness in autumn and winter. The combination of yellow and red is extremely harmonious, just like holding the palette of nature, making people shine.


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