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How to match autumn wedding colors more conspicuously?

Autumn has arrived quietly and many people choose to host their weddings in this autumn season! Each season has its own colors. The colors of autumn are very suitable to be integrated into wedding arrangements and floral arrangements. 

Bright Yellow

Bright yellow is a lively and bright color, it is the color of autumn in people's impression, and it always gives a feeling of youthful vitality. If you choose bright yellow as the main color of the wedding, it will definitely bring unexpected surprises to the wedding in autumn. In the bright yellow wedding ceremony, it is decorated with yellow gerbera and tulips. The bride can also decorate herself with small bright yellow objects, such as bright yellow earrings and ribbons.

Golden Yellow

If you don't want bright yellow color to avoid being so lively and bright, you can choose golden yellow. This color will be more restrained than bright yellow, relatively more serious, and brings a feeling of precipitation of autumn wedding.


Classic Red

Whether it is early autumn or late autumn, the classic  red is also very suitable for autumn weddings. Red roses, red flamingos with black or gold, gives stylishness and romantic


The blue-green color between green and blue has a unique charm. In the wedding, it can be matched with soft ivory or off-white, there will be an elegant and delicate sensory effect ~ this color will be very suitable for early autumn wedding.

Olive green

Olive green, the guardian color of peace. Steady and energetic, with a little freshness. It is a more multi-element color, suitable for various interpretations. It can be rustic and environmentally friendly, thus suitable for outdoor weddings. Choosing this color as the main color of the wedding in autumn may be a different visual experience.

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