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Elements for Autumn Wedding

When it comes to autumn, the first color that many people think of is gold, golden harvest fruits, golden falling leaves, golden sparkling lake. So, have you ever thought about holding a golden wedding in autumn? 

Golden Fruit Bridal Bouquet Harvesting Happiness

Golden maple leaves are used as the torus, together various autumn fruits create a rich bouquet, which is accompanied by golden apples. The fruitful harvest season also means that the bride has harvested her best happiness.

Clever Use of Autumn Elements -  Maple Leaves Ring Pillow

You can make full use of the popular elements in autumn to add points to your wedding. The ubiquitous golden maple leaves are the best material. Use it to replace the ring pillow and let the luster of the wedding ring echo with it. It is not only beautiful, but also very dreamy.

The Cleverly Matched Wedding Decoration

The table setting is a very important part of the wedding. In autumn, you can completely abandon the normal layout rules. Maple leaves, acorns, and wildflowers can make the display more natural. The table can also be filled with scattered fruits to create a feast atmosphere.

Crystal Decoration Makes Golden Wedding Bright and Dreamy

In the wedding, you may want to add some crystal decorations, they can give you suprising light reflective effect, make the golden wedding more bright and dreamy.

Pastoral Cakes With Wild Flowers

Small wild flowers of various colors plays an important supporting role to the autumn wedding cake. Especially the golden yellow flowers, together with a variety of red wildflowers, the festive feeling is tremendously improved and the cake seemed to be even sweeter.

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