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Beach Wedding Flow

The most beautiful wedding is to join hands with the loved ones under the witness of the blue sky and the sea, and share a bright future together.

Beach Wedding Flow

1. Entrance ceremony for bride and groom


The bride walks with her father into the main court of the ceremony to the groom, and pass the beautiful bride to the groom.

2. Wedding vows ceremony

The couple read the declaration of love face-to-face, and then put it in a bottle and let it float into the sea water. This let the clear water and blue sky to witness this beautiful love.

3. Ring exchange ceremony 


The groom proposes to the bride on one knee, and then finds the love token from the beach. The ring can be placed in a coconut shell to exchange wedding rings with each other.

4. Groom kisses the bride


Ignite the fire ring of love on the beach, where the couple kiss each other, and the atmosphere will reach its climax.

5. Wedding cake cutting ceremony 

The cake made of fruit matches beach theme perfectly which also resembles sweetness. Bride and groom can cut it together and feed each other a piece of it. 

6. Family & friends participation

Family and friends can write their blessings on the beach, let the tide take away this blessing, which signifies the perpetuity of love, just like the sea.


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