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How to Arrange A Fairy Tale Wedding Scene

Fairy tales are beautiful and romantic. Many couples would have read many fairy tales when they were young, longing for the experience and stories of the protagonists in fairy tales. When it comes to the weddings, they would want to recreate the scene and atmosphere of fairy tale world but it is sometimes really hard to start somewhere. Now, let's look at some of the popular scene planning: We can first choose the theme scenes of the fairy tale series. There are many theme scenes of the fairy tale series, the most common of which are castles and forests. Now here we will mainly talk about the fairy tale wedding of the castle scene. Of course, the stage background board of the castle...

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Disney Theme Wedding

Disneyland is a magical place. In Disney world, there seems to be no worries, only endless fun and games. And the Disney-themed wedding is to create a wedding through various Disney chatacter elements, making the wedding full of happiness and childlike-feeling. Many of us would want to commemorate their love through Disney-themed weddings and to have good expectations for the future lives. So, how can you have a unique fairy tale wedding?Wedding Preparation:Once decided on the wedding date, what the couple needs to do is to choose the various stuff related to the Disney theme wedding, such as getting invitation card, because it is a disney-character style wedding, so the design of the card should also be based on the characters. If your guests have children, you...

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Forest Fairy Tale Theme Wedding Scene Layout

Everyone wants their wedding to be different, such as theme of forest, romance, liveliness, beauty, starry sky and fairy tales, etc.Today let's talk about fairy tale weddings - let's take a look at the scene layout of the forest fairy tale wedding! In fact, the fairy tale wedding is to a certain extent under the influence of the fairy tale story world that we were exposed to as a child. Therefore, the props, personnel, and layout plans that are needed in the entire planning process will be determined by the fairy tale theme. Then, only the planning process can take into account the site layout, wedding clothing, details and decorations, including the host words, which are best matching the wedding theme. The scene layout of forest theme...

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Holding A Wedding At Disney Is Not A Dream!

Holding a wedding at Disney is not a dream! Take a ride on glass carriage and taking wedding photos at castle to become the happiest princess in the world! Watching Disney animation growing up, every girl will have a princess dream. Wearing a beautiful dress in the dream country, waiting for the arrival of Prince Charming, fell in love and proposed by the man you loved, and lived a happily ever after life. Although you can't live in the wonderful world of Disney for a lifetime, at least you can now "marry" in Disney to create an unforgettable dreamed fairytale wedding! Have you ever thought that one day a wedding can be held at Disney? In fact, Disney has a Disney Wedding department,...

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Disney Fairy Tale Themed Wedding - Giving You What You Want

Disney, fairy tales, novelties, adventures, is a children's paradise, a dream place for young people. Such a fairy tale theme is best suited for weddings. Do you also want to be a princess in a fairy tale world and hold an unforgettable wedding in a dream world? Disney Fairy-themed Wedding: Alice in Wonderland Speaking of "Alice in Wonderland", we believe that most girls would have heard of it. Do you also want to be Alice in the fairy tale world and travel in a dream world? The huge flowers, grass, and mushrooms seem to be telling us that you are about to enter a wonderful world like no other. Remember the Queen of Hearts? Or Mr. Watch in the game? These items...

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