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Disney Fairy Tale Themed Wedding - Giving You What You Want

Disney, fairy tales, novelties, adventures, is a children's paradise, a dream place for young people. Such a fairy tale theme is best suited for weddings. Do you also want to be a princess in a fairy tale world and hold an unforgettable wedding in a dream world?

Disney Fairy-themed Wedding: Alice in Wonderland

Speaking of "Alice in Wonderland", we believe that most girls would have heard of it. Do you also want to be Alice in the fairy tale world and travel in a dream world? The huge flowers, grass, and mushrooms seem to be telling us that you are about to enter a wonderful world like no other.

Remember the Queen of Hearts? Or Mr. Watch in the game? These items with the characteristics of Alice in Wonderland have now become sweet and delicious pastries.

Does the huge mushroom on the stage remind you of Alice ’s cute look jumping among the mushrooms?

Do crystal candlesticks, ferns and flowers on the table remind you of the dining table when Alice first entered the dream world?

The dessert table with forest style is wrapped with vines and filled with pleasant snacks.

Disney Fairy Tale Wedding: Cinderella

Cinderella and Snow White have always been children's favorite fairy tale princess characters. 

Pumpkin carriages, historic castles, tulle tutu skirts, bird bronze decorations, and crystal shoes are all essential items. As for the choice of color, pure white and pink blue are the main colors, and light gold, light silver and lilac are the auxiliary colors, which shows elegance and luxury in the beautiful dream.

Disney Fairy-themed Wedding: Snow White

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" has almost become a bedtime story for a generation. Disney's creation of short black hair with a red bow tie, dressed in a blue and yellow dress, the image of Snow White in deeply imprinted in everyone's heart.

To create a Snow White's wedding, we recommend that red, green and white to be the three main colors. Red apples, dwarf doll decoration, small wooden deer decoration, retro copper-edged garden mirror, sweet and mixed forest elements, mix of both freshness and retro.

 Disney Fairy-themed Wedding: Frozen

"There are no two identical crystals in the world of ice and snow. Just as you are to me. The unique you, who stays in my heart and melts into my soft wave-like mind." Frozen theme weddings are mostly blue and white keynote.

Using simulated snow, snow icing, ice sculpture, snow spray, etc., the scene can be transformed into a crystal clear ice and snow world, resembling the purest, unblemished true love.

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