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Disney Theme Wedding

Disneyland is a magical place. In Disney world, there seems to be no worries, only endless fun and games. And the Disney-themed wedding is to create a wedding through various Disney chatacter elements, making the wedding full of happiness and childlike-feeling. Many of us would want to commemorate their love through Disney-themed weddings and to have good expectations for the future lives. So, how can you have a unique fairy tale wedding?

Wedding Preparation:

Once decided on the wedding date, what the couple needs to do is to choose the various stuff related to the Disney theme wedding, such as getting invitation card, because it is a disney-character style wedding, so the design of the card should also be based on the characters. If your guests have children, you can also prepare some cartoon characters as gifts. Aside from that, when it comes to  choosing a dress, in addition to the traditional wedding dress, the bride can also choose some princess-style dress, such as pink dress, blue dress etc. These dresses can also create a fairy-tale feeling and would work very well with the theme.

Mid-term Preparation

After that, you will start to choose the place to hold the wedding. Many people will choose the hotel as the place to hold the wedding. After determining the hotel, you need to understand the hotel's internal environment, which includes the stage of the ceremony. Because it is a Disney-themed wedding, it is necessary to select related props according to the size of the stage. Disney is alot about the Disney characters, you can choose dolls, puppets and other props to decorate. You can also imitate fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and Cinderella to set the stage.

Final Preparation

In the final stage of pre-marriage, couple and wedding companies or hosts are required to determine the ceremonial process. Disney-themed weddings are very different from traditional weddings, and the setting of the process should be carried out around the theme. Besides, rehersal will be needed with the couple to help the couple to be familiar with the entire wedding process and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Of course we would want the wedding to have personality and chic and only a distinctive wedding can give love and marriage a deeper meaning, and this unique Disney-themed wedding is just the right choice for you.

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