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Forest Fairy Tale Theme Wedding Scene Layout

Everyone wants their wedding to be different, such as theme of forest, romance, liveliness, beauty, starry sky and fairy tales, etc.Today let's talk about fairy tale weddings - let's take a look at the scene layout of the forest fairy tale wedding!

In fact, the fairy tale wedding is to a certain extent under the influence of the fairy tale story world that we were exposed to as a child. Therefore, the props, personnel, and layout plans that are needed in the entire planning process will be determined by the fairy tale theme. Then, only the planning process can take into account the site layout, wedding clothing, details and decorations, including the host words, which are best matching the wedding theme.

The scene layout of forest theme from the picture above can be seen at a glance. The towering mushroom in the fairy tale style can directly reflect the fairy tale style. The whole scene is mainly dim tones, supplemented by the forest style. Both details are very obvious in the fairy tale style which both coexist well to bring out the fairy tale feeling.


The forest style certainly has to be in the forest. From the picture above, the forest style has become relatively more background, and the style of the fairy tale will occupy the guests' eyes who attend the wedding. The two are actually a style that needs to coexist.

On the other hand, You can choose to strengthen the forest style. The theme of the fairy tale will be weakened a lot. However, under the glorious scenery, the entire scene has a very obvious dreamy and beautiful effect, 

Aside from the palace, forest is also a symbol of the existence of fairy tales. After all, many fairy tales take place in the forest. You can have both elements coexist as in the picture above, you have the palace in the background and the overall style still fit in perfectly.

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