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Holding A Wedding At Disney Is Not A Dream!

Holding a wedding at Disney is not a dream! Take a ride on glass carriage and taking wedding photos at castle to become the happiest princess in the world!

Watching Disney animation growing up, every girl will have a princess dream. Wearing a beautiful dress in the dream country, waiting for the arrival of Prince Charming, fell in love and proposed by the man you loved, and lived a happily ever after life. Although you can't live in the wonderful world of Disney for a lifetime, at least you can now "marry" in Disney to create an unforgettable dreamed fairytale wedding!

Have you ever thought that one day a wedding can be held at Disney? In fact, Disney has a Disney Wedding department, which is responsible for planning large and small weddings held in the Disney Park. All the marriage processes can be completed in Disney, and designed into a fantasy version full of fairy tales according to everyone's requirements!

You can use "My Dream Space" in the official website to design exclusive Disney style weddings: from wedding dresses, venues to various wedding stuff, you can choose everyone by your own, and they even have a special "wedding planner" for everyone.


In the classic Cinderella, the "pumpkin carriage" that is used to participate in the ball is probably the every girl's far-fetched dream. However, this can really be realized in Disney's magic kingdom!

By holding the wedding at Disney, there will be a transparent glass pumpkin carriage, and it is pulled by really beautiful white horses, and there are also grooms wearing fairy tale costumes. Everything is just the same as the fairy tale scene ~


Putting on a wedding dress in Disney is like being a real princess. Whether in front of a grand castle, garden or cruise ship, couples can have memory of wedding photos in all corners of Disney.

And the wedding dress can be selected from the package! If you like any Disney Princess particularly, they can provide similar styled dress ~


There are so many things that need to be prepared for marriage. In order to allow couples to enjoy the happiness of making a lifetime vow in the fairy tale country, these complicated things can be prepared by Disney wedding department, for example the bridal bouquet. Each of the designs are quite delicate and beautiful.


The outdoor ceremony will be so beautiful - under the shade of trees, relatives and friends sat on the chair and watching the couplels put on rings for each other, making promises and kissing. It was definitely the most dreamy scene.

The dining banquet part is also one of the highlights. There are many different themes to choose from, from furnishings, tableware to decoration.


Of course, we must not forget the wedding cake! Full of Disney-style wedding cake, every detail is very particular, it is very meaningful to integrate your favorite story into the wedding cake.

In addition, there are a lot of wedding details that can be selected on the website , all items can be customized and can definitely meet your fairy tale dream to become the happiest princess in the world.

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