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How to Arrange A Fairy Tale Wedding Scene

Fairy tales are beautiful and romantic. Many couples would have read many fairy tales when they were young, longing for the experience and stories of the protagonists in fairy tales. When it comes to the weddings, they would want to recreate the scene and atmosphere of fairy tale world but it is sometimes really hard to start somewhere. Now, let's look at some of the popular scene planning:

We can first choose the theme scenes of the fairy tale series. There are many theme scenes of the fairy tale series, the most common of which are castles and forests. Now here we will mainly talk about the fairy tale wedding of the castle scene.

Of course, the stage background board of the castle scene has a castle, or with the green tree as the background and the castle model is used to arrange the stage. We can imagine at this time that a castle in the forest, with its deep and ancient, calm and tranquility, a prince and a princess held this century wedding under the witness of various story characters. Now, how do we choose the characters? The most common is the little people in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". These little people had helped the princess to avoid the disaster and the pursuit of the stepmother, and finally wished the prince and princess a happy marriage and life. There are seven dwarfs, just the nice number for stage layout!

Then we can also imagine things that can often be used in weddings in fairy tales. There are the pumpkin car or the princess car, for a romantic fairy tale wedding, the pumpkin car and the princess car are indispensable. We can let the bridegroom and the bride sit in the car to meet each other at the entrance. The prince then lead the princess, walking through the crowd, leading to the castle, and received blessings from all guests and fairy tale characters. How romantic and warm-hearted.

Fairy-themed weddings can add elements of the forest. The combination of green trees and ancient deep castles is a seamless pair. The reasonably set fairy tale characters and entrance scenes make the entire wedding to have not only the romance of fairy tales, but also the refreshness of forest theme. It gives you the feeling even in reality, but like a protagonist in a fairy tale, dreamy, warm-hearted and romantic!

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