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Outdoor Wedding Timing

The date of the wedding must be the first factor to be determined as all factors are dependent to wedding date, such as venue, photography, makeup, dress, wedding, guests, etc. Furthermore, the date is best determined as early as possible so that you have enough time to prepare for the wedding. This is because preparing a wedding requires a lot of time and effort. So how should the date of the outdoor wedding be chosen? 

Outdoor weddings are affected by the seasons. In different seasons, the outdoor scenery will change. For example, if you expect a lawn wedding, then the grass in the autumn will slowly turn yellow. If you choose to hold the wedding during this time, you need to consider whether you want to add some yellow elements to the wedding theme color to make the overall feeling more harmonious. In addition, the weather and temperature are also very important considerations.

Spring and summer are rainy, and rainy days are the enemy of outdoor weddings. If you choose to hold a wedding in spring or summer, you better communicate a set of backup plans with the relevant parties. The hot sun could also be a bad factor for summer weddings. It might be uncomfortable to have a wedding under the hot sun. Guests will feel uncomfortable because of sweating, and the bride’s delicate makeup can easily melt away. Therefore, it is recommended to put the ceremony time of the summer outdoor wedding ceremony in the evening when the temperature is more comfortable. It's also wonderful to have a light meal after sunset.

Late summer and early autumn is an excellent outdoor wedding time as the temperature is comfortable, the plants are not yellow, and there is little precipitation. However, as this period of time is the hot wedding season, the venue and wedding schedule are very tight so it is important to determine the various schedules as early as possible.

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