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Outdoor Wedding Makeup Service and Skin Care Recommendations

Based on your preference, you will usually need two to three styles on the wedding day. The makeup artist's taste is important, first look at the makeup artist's makeup and speech. You should learn to look at the sample, because the sample may be refined, or the model's skin may be good. Try to find the original picture. You usually get what you pay for for makeup artist. A good makeup artist is best to be booked half a year in advance. It is recommended to find an acquaintance to introduce and have a trial makeup. After all, the bride must be the most beautiful on the wedding day.

Below are some of the pre-marital skin care recommendations

1. Pre-marital skin care must be done, do more hydrating mask

2. Do not replace skin care products at will to prevent allergies

3. Do hair care and dye hair with brown color to increase the level of hairstyle

4. Prepare NudeBra

5. Avoid strong colors for nail art

6. Trim your eyebrow

7, Do not change the hairstyle length and bangs styling

8, Clean the armpit hair

9, Skin exfoliation for better skin condition

10, Go to bed early one night before marriage, do not drink water 2 hours before going to bed

11, You can bring cosmetic contact lenses

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