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Outdoor Wedding Preparations

The decoration of outdoor wedding venues is a key part of the wedding success or failure. The necessary stage, background decoration, scene arrangement to enhance the amospheric effect, sound and lighting arrangement. Combined with environmental characteristics and special styling, a warm, romantic, fresh, natural and unique wedding scene can be created.The design of the wedding should be based on the actual conditions and the characteristics of couple.

Floral selection

You can use green as the main color together with lavender, pink or bright yellow. The dining table can be simply decorated with flowers, mainly in white and green. Otherwise,  dreamy couples can choose pink and purple. The table and the venue can be sprinkled with petals.

Welcome area

The welcome area is where guests would see when they first arrive. Different design arrangements will have different effects. Simple flower arrangement, refreshing flowers, romantic feeling, blue welcome area, are most suitable for fairy tale wedding and seaside wedding. On the other hand, cheerful red gives a lively and festive feeling. The welcome area is an area that first enters the guest's line of sight, and the chic layout will give the guests the refreshing feeling.

Featured ideas

If spending a romantic weekend in a cozy little hotel is the happiness in your eyes, then design some simple and stylish touch for your wedding. White wooden benches painted in white, remodeled old doors and windows, flower pots filled with elegant white stars, and lovely bird water basins, these details will add a fresh and simple romance to your wedding.

Things to pay attention to

1) It is very necessary to visit the site together beforehand. The outdoor wedding scene is wide and there are many external disturbances. Therefore, factors such as audio equipment and the surrounding environment of the venue are particularly important.

2) An important aspect of outdoor weddings is the weather factor. As the planning time of the wedding is long, it is difficult to predict the weather conditions on the wedding day. It is recommended to choose to hold the wedding in autumn, as it is usually less rainy and windy during the season, and the climate is pleasant.

3) If a wedding banquet is held outdoors, choose a restaurant that can be bought out in advance. Don’t forget to consider tableware, wine glasses, tables and chairs, tablecloths, service staff, freezer, heating equipment and transportation conditions, as well as necessary parasols, water, food preservation etc.

4) Environmental protection must not be forgotten. Garbage, waste, and residual food must be sorted in time, thrown into garbage bags, and hold a green and civilized wedding.

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