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Outdoor Wedding Venue

When the wedding date is determined, the venue will be the first important consideration. Below are some points about outdoor wedding venues that you need to consider thoroughly.

1. Distance.

It might be better to invite your circle of friends within 30 kilometers of the wedding venue. The 30 km radius drive is within an hour, so that guests will not be disgusted by the distance, and the attendance rate is guaranteed. Of course, if you expect to hold a wedding in a special venue, such as a forest or the sea which is far away from the town, you can take a few buses to pick up guests. Anyhow, the golden rule is the farther away, the lower the attendance rate.

2. Landscape

When you consider the landscape of the venue, it is best to think about the theme of the wedding in advance, such as gardens, lawns, woods, swimming pools or lakeside beaches. Different venues and landscapes will be more be best matched with the corresponding outdoor wedding theme.  


3. Food

Generally, if you choose to hold weddings on the lawn of the restaurant, the quality of the dishes will be more assured. However, it is recommended that you try your food in advance to make sure that you are satisfied of it. According to vain experience, expensive prices really don't mean delicious food. Outdoor weddings generally take the form of buffets. There are Italian seafood buffets and barbecue buffets. Of course, you can also choose even cold meals from traditional weddings.

4. Area

The number of guests will affect the size of the venue you choose. Generally, the restaurant can accommodate 100 people with no problem. But if the number is 150-200 people, many outdoor wedding restaurants will be slightly stressed, you should then consider the outdoor venue of a hotel.

5. Special venues

If your idea is very special, with hope to hold weddings in some venues without restaurants, such as seaside, rooftops, woods, etc. There are more things you need to consider. The first is that there must be electricity. Only when there is electricity can there be lights and sounds. The second is to have water and toilets. The third is food. You can choose to have food to be delivered or you can choose to make it on site by the cooking team. Of course, on-site barbecue will be easier to achieve. However, the special venue will be constricted by the size, and it will be better to control within 50 people.


6. Others
If you choose to hold an outdoor wedding in a rainy season, it is recommended to choose a venue with an indoor restaurant. If the weather forecast prompts rain a few days before the wedding, you can move the layout indoors or set up a temporary tent outdoors (where tents can also be beautiful)

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