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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

If you want your outdoor wedding to be successful, you have to spend some thoughts on the following aspects.


1. Emcee

Emcee is an important person who controls the normal wedding rhythm and atmosphere, especially for outdoor weddings. There are usually more interactive sessions for outdoor weddings than traditional weddings, and there are usually game interactive sessions during the dinner, which requires the emcee to have a good control over the atmosphere.


2. Game Session

You can set the game session in two parts. The first can be placed before the ceremony, guests can play games at the venue to pass the time. Secondly, a few small games can be interspersed in the middle of the dinner to drive the whole atmosphere, and the game can be set with prizes.

3. Couple Performance

Couple can perform talents, sing and dance during the dinner. This session is usually the climax of the entire dinner.

4. Dessert Table

A dessert table should be provided at the outdoor wedding party. Exquisite cakes, desserts, and drinks can make guests happy. Not only the visual effect is good, dessert can make people happy too.

5. Band performance

During any waiting period, in order to maintain the guests' emotions in a more active state, having band performances or mascot clowns to interact with guests can be a good idea.

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