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Outdoor Wedding Planning

The wedding planner can be selected at the same time as you are looking for the venue as the experienced wedding planner can recommend the most suitable local venue for your budget and distance.

Four principles for choosing wedding planner:

1. Qualification of wedding company

The initial choice can be decided by when the wedding company is established. If the history is short, the experience may be lacking. It is generally more reliable to choose a wedding company that is more than 5 years old.
Have a look at the internal environment and scale of the wedding company, as well as the environment and taste of their company


2. The experience of the wedding planner, case study and degree of restoration

The core resource of a wedding company is the wedding designer. The professional level of the designer directly affects the perception of the wedding so it is recommended to let the designer provide previous cases to see if the cases are repetitive, whether they are creative and heartful. Aside from that, you can let the designer explain the case in order to confirm that those are the cases handled by him.

Aside from that, ask for the plan pictures of the past cases, and compare the degree of restoration between the plan pictures and the real pictures. The higher the degree of restoration, the higher the wedding company should be given priority. When watching video cases, pay special attention to the overall layout, runway stage and guest response. Observe the table cards. Whether the details of the table flowers, wedding car design, hotel (if the hotel is also outsourced to the wedding company) and other details are in place.


3. Staffing and professionalism of the wedding company

Professional staff can make the entire site layout complete on time, in terms of both quality and quantity. It can solve many unexpected situations, such as how to solve the outdoor strong wind and rainy weather.

4. Wedding company equipment

Generally mature wedding companies have complete equipment, such as lightings, stereos, screens, bubble machines etc. When you are requesting for additional equipment, do ask if it is included in the price.

After reading this, you should already have 2-3 wedding companies in mind. How do you decide? Of course it should be based on the price. Wedding planner company selection can not be compared by looking at the price alone. Many wedding companies make packages in order to report lower total prices to consumers, and include lower end staffing, decoration, and other parts. Once the consumer made up his mind, they will then tell you that the basic package that needs a better effect is not ideal. You need to add various kinds of money to "guarantee the effect". The final price of the consumer might not be as low as expected. Thus, the choice of wedding planner company should be based on the overall cost performance. For example the same $5000, Some highly customized companies will customize according to your love story, ideals and wedding expectations. The effect of personalized customization will make the whole event more close to heart. Moreover, it is easy to collide with others simply by choosing a package, although the package cost is low.

Final Stage :Strategy of Negotiation

1 Addition: Choose a basic package and increase the fee after by mentioning your needs.

2 Subtraction: Choose a package with complete services and equipment, and remove the single items that you do not need.

Last and definitely not least, a good wedding planner company will always find ways to save money for customers.

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