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Clever Use of Color Matching to Create Colorful Summer Wedding

The use and combination of colors can subtly improve the quality of the wedding and different wedding themes can be expressed in different colors. For couples who are holding a summer wedding, what kind of color combinations can make your wedding outstanding?  1. Blue With White Blue and white are the most popular color schemes in the hot summer. This refreshing Mediterranean element can bring refreshing visual to all the guests. Blue gives a sense of freshness and purity, blending with romantic and pure white. This add a touch of elegance to the entire wedding scene. For example, placing a delicate blue vase on a white tablecloth, the classic blue and white combination will definitely bring good summer mood to everyone.   2. Light Pink With Light...

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What should the bridegroom wear for summer wedding?

What should the bridegroom wear for summer wedding? What is the groom's clothing matching principle? This series of questions are the questions of many prospective bridegrooms. In fact, it is rather simple - you can choose the clothes according to your own preferences but of course breathability and comfort must be the first choice to ensure that you feel refreshing all day long. TieOn the wedding day, the choice of the groom's tie is very important. The style and color of the tie can highlight your personality. People with a personality can choose a style that is different from the traditional tie in size and fabric. A man with a calm personality can choose a design with a more fancy pattern but...

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Summer Wedding - Let's Have Some Ice Cream!

When it comes to wedding desserts, what comes into mind is usually a variety of wedding cakes - the newlywed's hand-cut cake seems to have become an established tradition. However, cake is definitely not the only choice. In the hot summer, ice cream is a great choice for desserts, it comes with wide range of colors and cool taste. Be it adult or children, it is difficult to resist its temptation. Great For Photo TakingDid you know that ice cream is a great tool for wedding photos? As long as the bride and groom take an ice cream, whether it is just looking at each other, kissing, or even feeding each other, these loving actions are extremely natural with the presence of ice cream. Bouquet...

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Summer Wedding Planning

Undoubtedly, summer is hot, we should hold the wedding banquet in a cool place so that guests can participate in more comfortably. Of course, you wanna get not only their blessings, but also their praise for the wedding. So how to plan a unique summer wedding? It requires some efforts. Summer is a vibrant season, everything is more colorful, the sun shines brightly on the earth. Under the hot sun, People may feel hot and lazy. We can choose some cool venues for a wedding in this season. Whether it is an indoor wedding or an outdoor lawn wedding, both are good ideas. For specific details, we can refer to the following aspects: 1. Wedding theme: There are too many themes suitable for weddings in...

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Summer Wedding Inspiration - Orange Wedding

Orange Wedding - A bold and innovative idea for summer weddings. The use of rich orange can bring joy and excitement to people, refreshing and juicy taste and vitality. Now, plan a bright, positive, sunny and cheerful orange wedding! The image of the bride must contain bright orange elements: a brightly colored flower crown and brightly colored wedding shoes, jewelry or hair. Dresses with orange decorations, belts or wedding dresses will definitely be popular. For the groom - traditional corsages, ties or bow ties can be orange. The bride's bouquet should be bright with a rich orange hue, reminiscent of a juicy orange. In addition to orange colour, you can directly add the symbol of the wedding - orange to the wedding invitation...

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