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Clever Use of Color Matching to Create Colorful Summer Wedding

The use and combination of colors can subtly improve the quality of the wedding and different wedding themes can be expressed in different colors. For couples who are holding a summer wedding, what kind of color combinations can make your wedding outstanding? 

1. Blue With White

Blue and white are the most popular color schemes in the hot summer. This refreshing Mediterranean element can bring refreshing visual to all the guests. Blue gives a sense of freshness and purity, blending with romantic and pure white. This add a touch of elegance to the entire wedding scene. For example, placing a delicate blue vase on a white tablecloth, the classic blue and white combination will definitely bring good summer mood to everyone.


2. Light Pink With Light Gray

Pink is a color that usually belongs to women, and it is also the color that best represents romance and sweetness, which is consistent with the purpose of the wedding. But in order not to let the groom be submerged by the pink sea, adding some light gray can increase the elegant and masculine atmosphere. And the combination of pink and gray can give people a sense of elegance and fullness. For example, a soft pink lampshade with a light gray tablecloth would be a good choice.

3. Coral Color With Blue Green

The gentle coral color and blue-green can be well matched together, the coral color can light up the wedding scene, and the blue-green can play a neutralizing role, making the wedding not too gaudy. Bridesmaids can choose a coral-colored dress with a blue-green belt, and choose a bouquet of orange roses decorated with blue-green ribbons will also make the bride look fresh and pleasant.


4. Yellow With Blue

These two color combinations are especially suitable for summer outdoor weddings, which can add bright tones to the wedding. If you are worried that these two colors are too bright, you can also choose a softer tone or a yellow and blue color with gradient effect. For example, yellow roses decorated with blue ribbons can be the highlight of the wedding, whether it is used as a table flower or placed on both sides of the passage, giving people the joy of bright eyes.



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