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Summer Outdoor Wedding

Summer is a romantic season and there are many people holding weddings in the summer. And what do you need to pay attention to for outdoor weddings? The following are the sharings of outdoor wedding precautions have a perfect wedding.

Extra Corsage 

Amont the things to be noticed of for summer outdoor wedding, many couples prefer to use some flowers on their wedding scene. However, flowers at the wedding cannot last for too long during the summer, this is especially true for the groom's corsage. This is because the groom wears it all day long during the wedding and thus this flower will have to bear the hug and heat wave of the whole summer. Therefore, if possible, you can ask the florist or wedding shop prior to the wedding, to prepare extra wedding corsages for the wedding, better be safe than sorry.

Parasols or Fans

As much as the outdoor wedding in summer is romantic, there will be a series of problems. For example, one of the main problems is that the weather can be very hot. Thus, you should prepare some parasols in advance at the wedding site, make sure you have enough for the guests. Although there may be awnings at your wedding site, there is no guarantee that everyone will not be exposed to the sun. On top of that, if the parasols are beautiful, they can also become the props for taking pictures and taking photos, which makes your wedding more romantic and beautiful.


Refreshing Drinks For the Guests

There are guests who do not want to walk around that much on a hot summer day. When you inform your friends that the wedding you are going to hold is gonna be outdoors, their hearts could be howling. Therefore, do ensure to provide them with sufficient and refreshing drinks and so those guests can calmly participate in your wedding. Although the hotel holding the wedding will take these issues into consideration, there is still possibility of inadequacy of beverages prepared. Thus, you should communicate with the hotel in advance during your outdoor wedding planning and ensure that there are sufficient drinks on the wedding site.


Bug Repellent

If your wedding will continue until the evening, then it's better to prepare bug repellent in advance. We all know that summer is a season of mosquito gathering and you don't want these mosquitoes to affect your wedding. So at this time, you should have sprayed the bug repellent in advance at the spot where the wedding ceremony will be held as to avoid the possibility of attracting mosquitoes. However, when you are choosing your repellent, try to go for the fragrance type to not to make the wedding atmosphere embarrassing.

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