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Summer Wedding - Let's Have Some Ice Cream!

When it comes to wedding desserts, what comes into mind is usually a variety of wedding cakes - the newlywed's hand-cut cake seems to have become an established tradition. However, cake is definitely not the only choice. In the hot summer, ice cream is a great choice for desserts, it comes with wide range of colors and cool taste. Be it adult or children, it is difficult to resist its temptation.

Great For Photo Taking

Did you know that ice cream is a great tool for wedding photos? As long as the bride and groom take an ice cream, whether it is just looking at each other, kissing, or even feeding each other, these loving actions are extremely natural with the presence of ice cream.

Bouquet & Corsage

Generally speaking, the groom's corsage and the bride's bouquet are one of the best ways to embody the wedding theme. Weddings dominated by ice cream can show this theme on bouquets and corsages. For example, the cone-shaped crispy skin of ice cream is decorated with colorful flowers and transformed into the most special and "delicious" bouquet. As for the groom, you can choose an ice cream-shaped corsage with a colorful bow tie for better results.


In an Ice cream-themed wedding, it is only tasteful enough if the dresses are also colorful Ice Cream shades. The key is that this does not affect the bride wearing white gauze, you can just let the bridesmaids to wear dresses with ice cream tones in various colors. Best of all, with the bright colors, full of summer taste, the photographing effect is also great!


When it comes to Ice cream-inspired decoration there are only things you can't image, there are nothing that you can do. First of all, you consider hanging some conical "paper cups" on the flowers and plants of the arches.

In addition, various flowers can be added to the conical paper cups, and the names and table numbers of the guests can be affixed to become a full-fledged table sign.

You can even choose an ice cream-shaped necklace, or a cute ice cream-shaped ring, wedding shoes, definitely outstanding!

Ice Cream Carnival

There are various ways to present ice cream at a wedding. If you like the multi-layer wedding cake style, you can choose a multi-layer dessert table with delicious ice cream on it, different styles, different shapes, all put together, it is a carnival of colors and taste buds.

Finally however, as ice cream melts easily, it needs to be stored at low temperature. To this end, it is good to invite ice cream mobile stalls at weddings. It can be a tricycle carrying ice cream, or a brightly colored van, parked in a relatively empty location. Guests can queue up to collect "Freshly baked" ice cream. It will definitely bring everyone a fun summer wedding.

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