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Wedding Decoration - How to Create a Cool Summer Wedding

The color of summer is fiery red, surrounded by bright white, and the weather is hot, so people will be a little irritated.

Therefore, the summer wedding scene layout should be mainly fresh and simple. It is even better if you can arrange a free large-screen interactive game like Jackbox Party Game. Let ’s take a look at some tips on summer wedding scene layout that makes your Summer weddings cooler.

1. Wedding Reception Location

Places with water can make people feel cooler in the hot summer, so holding a wedding reception in a place with a lot of water is a good choice. In general, there are three options, one is to hold a wedding reception by the natural running water, such as the river and the lake. Borrowing the natural running water to create a natural and comfortable wedding environment. The ever-flowing water, grass and the willow trees by the lake are very romantic. The swimming pool, champagne tower, and cocktails can be used to hold free and comfortable wedding reception too, or you can make it the buffet style. The third is to hold the reception in hotel with fountain(s). This environment is more quiet and elegant, and is suitable for more formal style.

2. Theme Color

Try not to use scarlet, fiery red and dark colors in summer, so as not to give people a feeling of suppressing serious and sultry. The best colors should be light tones, especially those that look very refreshing, such as lake blue and aqua. But these colors are not enough. In addition to white, there should be more comfortable colors, such as pink, purple, yellow, so that it looks more lively, beautiful and not monotonous.

3. Clever Use of Plants

The plants are lush in summer. Both flowers and green grass are full of life. In order to make the banquet look more natural and comfortable, of course a lot of flower materials must be used. There are many flowers in the summer that are in the flowering period. Flowers that are suitable for wedding banquets include bellflowers, sunflowers, lilies, and rose roses. Lily roses are traditional flowers for wedding banquets. Sunflowers are very distinctive, large, cheerful and beautiful. You may wish to consider adding a lot of rose petals on both sides of the passageway. Beside the petals, floating candles in glassware, placed neatly, will definitely make the wedding venue more warm and romantic too.

4. Table Setting

Transparent glassware is one of the must-have items for summer weddings. You can put small candles, small bouquets, candy, or a small potted plant on the table, so that every table feels alive and The vitality makes the guests' moods better.

5. Colourful drinks and snacks

Before the wedding banquet, most weddings will have snacks and drinks for guests, which can bring out the feeling of summer. For example you can prepare colorful drinks such as special peach drink, mint drink, plus a small slice of lemon beside the cup , it would be refreshing and pleasant. For snacks, you can consider small cakes or French desserts, being colorful can certainly bring out pleasant summer feeling!

6. Fresh interactive games

The summer weather is hot, thus, the wedding banquet might not suitable for playing some physical activities and heavy sports games. You may wish to play some fresh and interesting small games. For example, you can play the prelude to a song, and guess the song title, guests who guess correctly can earn the prizes. Fun quiz between the bride and groom. Asking the newly wed the same question, and if the answer is not the same, the newly wed will have to punished or drink. In short, the game at the wedding It is necessary to keep the atmosphere lively, but it is best not to be intensive, a cooler one would be most suitable.

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