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What should the bridegroom wear for summer wedding?

What should the bridegroom wear for summer wedding? What is the groom's clothing matching principle? This series of questions are the questions of many prospective bridegrooms. In fact, it is rather simple - you can choose the clothes according to your own preferences but of course breathability and comfort must be the first choice to ensure that you feel refreshing all day long.

On the wedding day, the choice of the groom's tie is very important. The style and color of the tie can highlight your personality. People with a personality can choose a style that is different from the traditional tie in size and fabric. A man with a calm personality can choose a design with a more fancy pattern but a different color. In addition, if you want to be low-key, you can choose a simple, innovative design Bow tie.


The color of the vest should not be too heavy, the lighter ones are better. Wearing a full body vest and a beautiful tie or bow tie will definitely make the groom strikingly handsome.

The wedding dress of the groom should not only be simple and generous, but also full of festive atmosphere, thus the light pink shirt and the shirt with some dark colored flowers are the best choices. If you think these two colors do not match your own dress , then you can choose a wild light-colored monochrome shirt.

As the summer weather is relatively hot, the bridegroom should choose the half-lined or unlined type, and single or two buttons. Aside from that, cotton and linen blended fabric that is easy to breathe is the best. In addition, the shirt with pockets would enable you to store tissues, which is convenient for the groom to wipe sweat.

Men's belts are usually black. On the wedding day, it is better to wear blue, white and other refreshing color belts, giving everyone a refreshing and novel feeling. On the other hand, it is not recommended to wear belts of bright colors such as fluorescence, which will make people feel very exaggerating.

Although the summer is very hot, remember not to wear cropped trousers for your wedding. It may give a young and sunny feeling, the wedding should be solemn and wearing cropped trousers will inevitably give a feeling of being too casual. Aside from that, choosing a high-quality suit of fabric will greatly improve your temperament.


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