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Summer Outdoor Wedding

Summer is a romantic season and there are many people holding weddings in the summer. And what do you need to pay attention to for outdoor weddings? The following are the sharings of outdoor wedding precautions have a perfect wedding. Extra Corsage  Amont the things to be noticed of for summer outdoor wedding, many couples prefer to use some flowers on their wedding scene. However, flowers at the wedding cannot last for too long during the summer, this is especially true for the groom's corsage. This is because the groom wears it all day long during the wedding and thus this flower will have to bear the hug and heat wave of the whole summer. Therefore, if possible, you can ask the florist or wedding shop prior to...

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Wedding Decoration - How to Create a Cool Summer Wedding

The color of summer is fiery red, surrounded by bright white, and the weather is hot, so people will be a little irritated. Therefore, the summer wedding scene layout should be mainly fresh and simple. It is even better if you can arrange a free large-screen interactive game like Jackbox Party Game. Let ’s take a look at some tips on summer wedding scene layout that makes your Summer weddings cooler. 1. Wedding Reception Location Places with water can make people feel cooler in the hot summer, so holding a wedding reception in a place with a lot of water is a good choice. In general, there are three options, one is to hold a wedding reception by the natural...

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