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6 Things to Consider for Beach Weddings (Part 1)

To all the brides-to-be, would you make such a mistake when holding a beach wedding? Let's go through some suggestions through these top beach weddings to avoid the mistakes and enjoy your wedding to the MAX!

Mistake No. 1: Wearing the Wrong Shoes

The sand is very hot, but you cannot walk on the sand wearing high heels. One option is to wear a pair of flats. These flats must be comfortable when walking. In order to prevent the entry of sand, the opening of the shoes should not be too large. If you want to walk in the sand easily, wearing flip-flops and sandals are good choices too.

Mistake No. 2: An Uncomfortable Wedding Ceremony

On the beach, a wedding banquet that is too well-dressed and under the hot sun will make the entire wedding lengthy and uncomfortable. An uncomfortable wedding will make everyone feel bored, so please let the bridesmaids wear short and well-aired dresses. As for the guests, they can dress in casual beach style.

Mistake No. 3: Long Train

An elegant long tail wedding dress sounds good. However, if it is on the beach, such a wedding dress will immediately become dirty. Wear a simple beach wedding dress (at least for the ceremony), and never go for long train wedding dress.

Mistake No. 4: Unclear Dress Code

Guests want to dress up for your wedding, and unless the bride allows, they will not wear less formal clothes. There are two beach-style dressing that you can consider:

1. Beach Formal -This dress code is designed for an elegant beach wedding.

2. Casual clothes/or semi-formal clothes between formal clothes and casual clothes.

Your invitation should state the dress code at the beach wedding at the bottom right to avoid confusion.

Mistake No. 5: Uncomfortable Guests

Is the sun too dazzling? Prepare a basket of sun eyes for guests to choose from! (Sunglasses are actually super cheap!)

Not even a single trace of wind? Make fans with wedding flyers instead of traditional brochures.

Don't want a wedding flyer? Then put a fan made of Rafia leaf fiber on each seat.

Beach shoes? Guests are invited to take off their shoes in the well-designed shoe changing area.

Put a galvanized bucket with cheap flip-flops for guests to change slippers nearby. (You can find flip flops of different styles and colors in the "Old Navy" store. You can also order a lot online.

Misktake No. 6:  The Dilemma of Where Do We Go

2014 recycled wood beach wedding decor sign, handmade beach ...

As beach weddings are held at the seaside. You need a sign to guide passengers from the parking lot to their destination. Such a sign can let guests know that they have arrived at the right venue at the peak of the wedding ceremony.

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