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6 Things to Consider for Beach Weddings (Part 2)

To all the brides-to-be, would you make such a mistake when holding a beach wedding? Let's go through some suggestions through these top beach weddings to avoid the mistakes and enjoy your wedding to the MAX!

Mistake No. 1: Over-decorated space

Beach weddings have become one of the most popular choices because beach provides natural decorations for you. Some tasteful decorations can make your space more personal. However, don't overdo it, otherwise, it will become overly unnecessary.

Mistake No. 2: DIY everything

Hire a wedding planner! Planning a beach wedding is not simple, and a professional wedding planner can keep your stress to a minimum. Find a planner with beach wedding experience, preferably a planner who had planned the wedding at the location of your wedding.

Mistake No. 3: Without Backup Plan

No one can imagine what would happen if it rains or there is a storm at the wedding site. If you plan a beach wedding, an alternate plan is absolutely necessary. Prepare an indoor venue nearby, in case of a situation, you can still hold your wedding there. You never know what will happen! Be sure to let the supplier know your alternate location in case the plan changes at the last minute.

Mistake No. 4: Sunburn

The time to burn your skin is shorter than you think. Be sure to apply thick SPF sunscreen before the wedding.

Mistake No. 5: Sound System

Make sure your sound system is loud enough so that guests can hear it, especially in windy days. You need guests to hear your vows and music before and after the wedding.

Mistake No. 6: Dehydration

Make sure your body has enough water! On the wedding day, provide guests with bottled water and drink plenty of water before the wedding.

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