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Is Winter the Bad Season for Wedding?

Most couples would choose to marry in the summer or autumn, which has formed a concept - wedding can only be held in summer/autumn in many people's minds. In fact, this is not the case, a romantic wedding can also be held in the winter!

Sufficient Time & Economical

I believe that you must have heard people saying its very difficult to secure a satisfactory timeslot for the wedding and the hotel's always fully booked.

You don't have to worry about this when holding a wedding in winter, because there will be a lot of timeslots for you to choose. Even during the weekend, it is almost difficult to book the weekend of the peak wedding season, but it can be easily reserved in the winter.

Furthermore, the quality of hotel services will be much better. Without mass wedding arrangements, the quality of hotel wedding banquets and staff services are relatively better than those during peak seasons.

Lastly is the price of a wedding banquet. Compared with the peak season, the price of a wedding banquet in winter is much better than that in other seasons.

Diversified Wedding Themes

When is comes to wedding theme, what crosses your mind? Indoor or outdoor? Keep it intimate or super luxurious? It seems that there is always no outstanding theme.

Its totally different for winter. In the winter, there are many festivals that everyone likes. You can create different themed weddings according to the atmosphere of these festivals. Like a Thanksgiving-themed wedding, you can make full use of pumpkins to make pumpkin lanterns, or use pumpkins as table flowers, etc., which gives a festive atmosphere.

In addition, there are many couples who will choose Valentine's Day as the registration date. Have you ever thought of holding a wedding on this day? It would be fortunate to be able to hold a wedding on Valentine's Day, it will definitely be unforgettable for life!

Fairy Tale Wedding

Who does not want to have a fairytale wedding? And winter is the most line with this theme!

The snow scene is unique to winter weather. While the snow is drifting in the sky, how romantic it is for a couple to make a vow of love in such a beautiful scene!

In addition, those who have always dreamed of become a princess, you can easily transform into an one day princess in winter and walk into the marriage palace with your prince.

Cover Any Body Imperfections

The styles of summer wedding dresses are usually with less fabric, and the requirements for figure will be relatively high. 

In this case, winter wedding can be the best reason for your embarrassing flesh and hide them all, no longer have to worry about embarrassment.

Wedding Photos Discount

There are also very few couples taking wedding photos in winter. It is precisely because of this that the wedidng photos service will be greatly discounted at this time.

Now larger-scale photography studios have their own exclusive photography base, the photographic effect will definitely not be any worse than summer time.

After reading this, do you have a new understanding of the winter wedding?

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